Square Aluminum Ornament

  • High-Quality Aluminum: Crafted from lightweight, high-quality coated aluminum, our ornaments offer durability without adding bulk, ensuring they stand the test of time while remaining easy to hang.
    • Benelux Style Elegance: Embrace the sophistication of our square Benelux style ornament, adding a touch of modern flair to your decorations.
    • Full-Color Brilliance: Enjoy a full-color, full-bleed imprint on one side of the ornament, allowing your designs to come to life with vibrant and intricate detail.
    • Compact Size: Measuring approximately 3 inches in both width and height, our ornaments are the perfect size to showcase your creativity while fitting seamlessly into your holiday decor.
    • Convenient Hanging: Each ornament comes complete with a red satin ribbon, making it effortless to hang and display your personalized masterpiece, instantly elevating your festive atmosphere.

    Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth.