Size Chart

1. Canvas:

When choosing the size of your canvas at our personalized gifts shop, consider these tips:

  • Measure the space: Take measurements of the area where you plan to display the canvas.

  • Focus on details: If your design has intricate details, opt for a larger canvas size.
  • Consider the recipient's preferences: Take into account their style and size preferences.

2. Mug:

When choosing the size of your personalized mug, keep these recommendations in mind:
  • Consider your beverage: Think about the amount of liquid you typically drink. If you prefer larger servings, opt for a bigger mug size.

  • Design visibility: Consider the space available for your design. Smaller mugs are great for showcasing intricate designs, while larger mugs offer more visibility.

  • Personal preference: Choose a size that suits your personal preference and fits well with your daily routine.

3. Blanket:

When selecting the size of your personalized blanket, consider the following recommendations:

  • Purpose and usage: Determine the intended purpose of the blanket. If it's for individual use, a smaller size might be suitable. For snuggling or covering a larger space, a bigger size would be preferable.

  • Comfort and coverage: Think about the level of coverage you desire. A larger blanket can provide more warmth and comfort, especially for taller individuals.

  • Portability and storage: If you plan to travel or store the blanket conveniently, a size that is easily foldable and manageable would be ideal.

4. T-shirt:

When choosing the size of your personalized T-shirt, please consider the following recommendations:

  • Measurements: In the garment industry, there may be slight variations in sizing. The actual size can differ by approximately 1 inch (2.54cm).

  • Comfort: To achieve a more comfortable look, we recommend going up 1 or 2 sizes.